Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School

As is an annual tradition on the first day of school, I take Josh's picture on our porch and outside the house. This year, he got crazy silly making faces. And, this year, we had the blessed addition of Ellie in the pictures (even if she IS still in her pjs).
We got to school just fine (read "on time") and Josh is excited with his teacher and class. His teacher and I went to school together and I know Josh will have a great year learning with her and the other teachers on his team. We are so blessed to have the team we have! I hope he has a great year!!

How handsome is this guy??

I will add that I got the obligatory eye-rolling (from the DAD, no less) about taking the pictures this morning. I explained that one day, Josh will be happy to have these pictures later in life when he can look back at how he changed each year.


Lori said...

He looks so grown up and excited!!! I love it!

Shannon said...

Great pictures! I'm a little stunned about the first day of school being on Aug 10th, though. Here we don't start until after Labor Day!

Christina Hubbard said...

YES!! Keep taking those pictures. When our oldest graduated we had every year from her kdg year to her Sr year! It was great and she did appreciate it (then)!