Friday, August 28, 2009

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

As I was looking back through E's pageant pictures and seeing her smiling and happy and so very loved and pretty, I couldn't help but think back to a time a little less than a year ago when she was living at Tokmok. I opened my files to look back at some pictures and was stunned at the difference. I wanted to post just so those who are waiting and hurting and so anxious to get their babies home will know that when their babies do come home (and I know they will) that in such a short, short period of time, their lives will be forever changed and they will blossom -- just like Ellie has. I still continue to pray for each of those sweet, sweet babies and their waiting families.

I am so thankful every day that God chose this little one for our family and that even through our doubts and insecurities He was faithful in making us know she was our daughter.

Referral photo:
Four month photos (taken by a family whose sweetie is still waiting for them at Tokmok):

Now, at 16 months -- a year later:


Ann said...

Thank you Maria for continuing your prayers for the waiting kiddos. It is so hard to wait and not know when we will bring them home.

Gen 's Family Story said...

Looking at her referral pics you would never guess what she looks like now! Amazing! What a glorious transformation!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and loved! She is one blessed little girl to have ya'll as her forever family!