Sunday, August 5, 2007

Back to School Eve

Twas the night before school started back and all through the our house
Not a creature was stirring ---
Except mom who was working, and there was definitely no mouse.
(Because with all the cats in this house, a mouse wouldn't dare come around).

The backpack (a #20 Tony Stewart) was thrown at the end of the couch
With a water bottle precariously perched in a pouch.
Little man was nestled all snug in his bed
And daddy was laying beside him -- snoring to wake the dead.
And I in my capris and t-shirt, laptop on lap
Had just settled down to do some work and maybe update my blog, perhaps

When through my mind raced a litany of thoughts
About other "first days" of school and tears I fought.
Away to the past, I flew like a flash
Back to memories of the years I had in the past.
I wandered through Kindergarten where I learned to let go
Where he learned to tie his shoes and not miss his mom so.
First grade he learned to read so much better,
And he learned how to correctly put letters together
And in second he changed schools and made new friends
But it was a year we were all glad to see end
Third grade's teacher was great and we learned to multiply
But relationships were hard and I heard my son's cry
To return him to the place where his friends go each day
And so for fourth grade, we return to public school to stay.

And I wonder what miracles of learning we'll see this year
I wonder if there will be laughter, if there will be tears.
I wonder if this will be the year he discovers "the girls"
If this will be a year that happiness is the reality in his world.
I wonder if he'll like his teacher and if he'll make new friends.
I wonder if he'll be sad to see this year end.

I wonder what, to my wondering eyes will appear,
A young man developing from my little man -- facing his fears.
I know in a twinkling of the eye, this year will be gone
And next year I'll sit here -- probably still alone --
Wondering what middle school will bring to our lives
And if his dad and I will ever survive.

So, as I exclaim, please everyone hear,
"Happy Back to School All, and to all a good year."

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. Since when is middle school fifth grade?!?!?!?!? I started middle school in 7th!!!!!!!!! No fair!!!!!!