Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back to School Night

So tonight was back to school night at East Cheatham. It was comfortable to return to "my" school - the place where I went to elementary. It was not so comfortable to return as someone who left a couple of years ago, pulling my son out to go to private school. I questioned whether this is the right decision for Joshua, but he seemed really happy to see his former classmates, laughing, smiling and joking.

He has a great class of kids. There are 6 boys and 13 girls -- lucky boys, I guess. Joshua was the one who pointed this out to me. I really had not noticed. His teacher is really nice and kid-friendly. I hope they get along well this year. They will be changing classes for reading, math and science. We won't know that schedule until Tuesday. I'm sure this will help Joshua as he will not have the same teaching style all day and it will provide a break from the routine for him. He'll have different students to interact with as well, so that will be a bonus.

They will have to work hard in fourth grade. I'm nervous for him. I want him to do well. His supplements have been such a blessing to us. He is a different child than he was a year ago. He laughs, is pretty happy most of the time, plays well with other children, behaves and is much more respectful. LEST you think him perfect (haha), he is surely all little boy.

We had his friend, Scott over today (I should have made pictures!!). He spent Wednesday night (after Bryce) and then they spent the day just playing, riding bikes, playing Playstation, swimming and watching TV. They had football practice tonight. Josh had to leave early to go to back to school night.

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