Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Answers to Prayers -- and Still Waiting

Yesterday I made a call to our SW, Lisa, to see what our agency's position would be on adopting from Taiwan while we wait in the China program. Although I already knew the answer, based on the policy on double-tracking they sent out, I still wanted to ask.
IMAGINE my surprise when she said she didn't see any problem with that at all! She said she hated to see us lose the time and money we had already invested in the program and that since the wait was long enough and we were going with another agency, she didn't think there was a problem with that. She said the main office was anticipating referrals for our LID (Dec 2006) to come in Dec 2008. I told her I really disagreed with that and that she might be right, but that would mean that immediately, China would have to start referring entire months at a time. She indicated that things would speed up after the Olympics in China. I asked if those weren't in summer 2008 and she said they were. I can't imagine how if they aren't going to speed up until then that a Dec 2008 referral is at all possible. Oh well.... time and God will tell. She indicated that they would update our homestudy for Taiwan for us and told us the fee for that and the fees for post placement visits. She indicated that CCAA's policy was that the youngest child in the home had to be 12 months old at the time of your China adoption and we talked about the logistics of that. She was so positive and helpful it made me think that maybe I just dreamed everything on Friday ???? Regardless, I see God's Hands at work in this and know that this is step one in an answer to our prayers and our decision to follow Him wherever He leads us. Step 2 is the financing which, I know, is going to require a MUCH bigger leap of faith. We are awaiting a decision on a loan *sigh* but since we already have one, this one is questionable. I keep thinking back to the conversation at Matzatlan where Kevin and I agreed that we would do whatever it took to do what God wants. I hope He continues to make it very clear what His direction is. Continue to pray for that for us.

I have many moments where I stop and go, "WHOA!! Two??? Are you serious, God? Do you think I can handle this? Where will we put two? How will we afford diapers? Will we have enough time to give to everyone?" But He gently reminds me, each time, that His grace is sufficient and I am only required to get through this day that He has given me and not worry about tomorrow. Today, I have one "baby" and one husband that require my attention. I can do that today.
Here's one of my "happy" photos I took at work last week. It's a donkey made of metal. He's tall, I'd say maybe 8-10' tall, sitting on the side of a road here in Cheatham County. Cute!! Here's also a photo of some puppies that I saw at a house. Apparently they raise them because there were lots of them. I love puppy bellies!!

Joshua is having his friend Bryce over today. They have been friends since they were babies. Bryce is 11 months older than Josh. Lisa, his mom, and I were friends from the time we were young adults and up. BOY!! I hope they don't do as much crazy stuff as we did.

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