Sunday, August 5, 2007

Love working in the nursery

Well, it's official -- I LOVE working in the nursery on Sunday nights!!! We had a large group tonight. Joshua insisted he wanted to stay and help. His big contribution tonight was "smelling out" the kids who needed a diaper change - LOL!!!

We had children from ages 6 months (or so) up to 4. They were all SO good and got along so well. Josh did such a good job with them. He put kids in swings, took them out of swings, pushed them in the swings, washed off dirty suckers, actually HELPED change a "poopy" diaper (I wish you could have SEEN the face!!!), played with the little boys, got the little boys OFF the tables, laid out napkins for snacks, swept the floor and helped the kids pick up the toys. He really was a good helper. I'm glad he likes them so well.

I'm torn now between the nursery and going back to AWANA in the fall. I LOVE my girls -- who will be in 6th grade this year -- so it will be hard to decide which to do!!!

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Anonymous said...

Girl, we're going back to AWANA! There are workers in place to take over and we are slotted for our 6th grade girls!!! YEA! And no smelly diapers there!