Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day 2 of School, Adoption Update and Mom's Stone

Thanks to all who have continued to pray for God's clear voice in our decision about whether to adopt from Taiwan. God has apparently closed that door (where's the window???). I called our SW again today to see if they had talked about their policy and researched whether or not it truly is a CCAA rule that we cannot have concurrent adoptions. My response went something like this, "Well, yes, I have read the information you shared with me, and I personally agree with you that I couldn't find a rule like that. However, they have said that it doesn't matter if the rule is in writing or is "implied" from CCAA that they don't allow concurrent adoptions, it is their understanding that CCAA doesn't like this to happen and because we receive such a large number of referrals from China, we are not willing to risk taking that chance or making that exception for anyone." Hmmm.... translated, here's what that really means, "We made this rule up based on what we think CCAA wants, but we have nothing to back up the statement we issued that says it is CCAA policy. We aren't willing to admit that so we are just going to say that's the rule -- live with it or drop out." Bad attitude on my part -- yeah, a little. But, the reality is that I can either play by their rules or be kicked out of the program and loose a LOT of money and STILL not have a child. So, it really doesn't matter if I like or agree with the rule, I'm backed up against the wall and have to go along with them. FAIR? Not really. I'll do another post sometime soon about all the things I think are wrong with adoption in the world today. I'll need a lot of time and a lot of space for that. So -- ELLIE, we are coming to China to get you -- I don't know when, but I strongly suspect LATE 2009 or early 2010. WOW -- that was hard to type and think.

I will say that regardless of how unfair I feel this is, I do feel a peace about it. I feel that God answered my prayers in a way that was clear and that I could fully understand. I'm not sure "why" still and even though it is not the decision I wanted, it is what He thinks is best, and I KNOW that He has our family's best interests at heart. I know He is going to bless up beyond measure with Ellie and any other children He wants to. I will wait -- until He is ready.

On to BETTER things. God HAS already blessed me with my "little man" and so I do have something to keep me REALLY busy while I wait.

Joshua had a good second day of school. He said his teacher said he was really being good today. He tested in reading and math to determine what group he falls into. I'm really hoping he falls into the "middle" group because being advanced requires too much homework!! :-) I told my friend, Lisa, today that I wasn't ready for anything advanced and that "medium" was really a good place for me (haha!). The reading groups are all reading "Winn Dixie". Josh and I read that together last summer before the movie came out. We both enjoyed it and I think it will be nice for him to start out with something he is familiar with. I worry for him about how he is going to do academically back in public school. I truly think he regressed the past two years, academically, during his stint in private school. When he left ECES after 1st grade, he was reading at a 2nd grade level. I'm not sure where the testing came out, but we were reading a 3.4 level book (3rd grade, 4th month) this weekend and he was struggling with some of the words. Hopefully, we will gain ground again. Tonight, when I found out that his friend Braiden is in the same reading group, Josh was really excited. He even made the statement, "I'm really glad I got Ms. Dozier. She's a really cool teacher." I can't remember the last time he thought ANYTHING was cool about school.

Mom went back to the doctor today about her kidney stone. Seems as if it has grown in the past two weeks. She says the pain is getting much worse. The doctor has decided to remove it on Friday morning. She has to be in at 7:00 in the morning so extra prayers for her until then are appreciated. As if that weren't bad enough, she called when they got there and daddy's truck had had a flat tire. Kevin was going to go out to help them, but a kind man at the doctor's office offered to help and they got the tire changed. After the doctor's office, they had to go get new tires. When it rains, it pours, and it seems to be pouring on them.

And, last, but not least, since I never seem to post anything about Kevin. Here's a list of really nice things he has done lately that I want to brag on!!

1. He went last night after Josh went to bed and filled my car up with gas so I would not have to do that this morning.
2. He takes the trash off so I don't have to.
3. He supports my working by always telling me he will do whatever he can to help.
4. He washes dishes, clothes and sweeps and vaccuums floors -- what more could a woman ask for???
5. He goes to church regularly and loves God.
6. He makes sure the bills get paid -- and on time!! yeah!!!
7. He goes to work every day so that we will have the money we need as a family.
8. He fixes dirt bikes, replaces light bulbs, gives medicine to the cats, sweeps the deck, takes Joshua to football practice, vaccuums the pool, mows the yard and changes the oil in my truck.
9. He is a great father to Joshua. He went to back to school night AND the first day of school -- lugging in supplies with me.
10. He never complains that I don't cook dinner every night :-) and will eat whatever I cook without complaining.

I love him!!! He is another blessing from God that I don't know how I could live without.

The following folks are on my prayer list right now:

1. Jeff and Abbey Land. They are awaiting news that they can travel to Taiwan to pick up Reed. It has been a long wait and I would LOVE for them to hear something really soon.
2. Steve and Angie Latham. They are moving back to the states from Germany. They will physically be back here Sept 1. The girls will be late starting school and they will be a bit rushed to find a new home to live in. Prayer for their safe return and finding a good home, neighborhood and school are on the list for them.
3. My mom - see above.
4. Robbie Mattox and family. They are adopting a little girl, Ellie, from China. She was a "Child of Promise" who had a menogele removed from her back. We had considered applying for her. They have waited 8 months to get travel arrangements and they have still not come from China. Robbie is starting to get depressed. Lifting her up in prayer for peace, acceptance, and a quick answer from China about when she can travel.
5. Ronnie and Sandy Felts, our Sunday School teachers, who are dealing with aging parents and their placements in nursing homes. This would also apply to my mom.
6. Our pastor, David Royalty, a general "overall" prayer and his wife, Linda Carroll, who has just lost her father.
7. Our children's minister's wife who just lost her mother.
8. My friend, Dianne. God knows why.
9. Joshua's continued good will toward school, the abilities he needs to focus and concentrate and do well. His teachers and peers acceptance of him as he is, and his ability to accept them as they are and to get along and only say positive things about them (the same for his mother!!)
10. Prayers for my birth family that they stay safe, happy, healthy and can all get along with one another.
11. Sarah Hampton, one of "my girls" from church, who broke her arm.


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Maria, so nice to see positive comments on your blog about your husband and your appreciation for him. Maybe it will start a trend? Also, thanks for the request for prayer. We're ready to go get our little boy! abbey

Anonymous said...

Ok, you officially write the most of any blogger I have ever seen!!!!!!