Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Photos

Here are a couple of happy photos from today's trip up to Clarksville. Remember, the premise behind "happy photos" is that I take photos of things through my day that make me happy. I keep thm in a folder called "Happy Photos" and when I go back through them, I am happy all over again. It's a great thing. Most of the time I still remember all the details about them, where they were, what time of year it was, if there was a story. But most of all, they make me smile all over again.

The first ones are of my friend I met. His name is Stuart. When his "non-owner"(she said he was dropped at her house, but continued on to tell me how he rides around on her shoulder!!!) told me his name, I asked, "Like, as in Stuart Little?" She smiled broadly and I knew we were kindred souls. I realized immediately, his look reminded me a bit of Stuart Little. Well, if you can get past that whole thing about how he is a CAT and the other one is a MOUSE.

Anyway, he let me photograph him and posed a few times, and then his "non-owner" came out and thought I was crazy and we talked some more and I left. I really liked Stuart.

These are the Boston terrier puppies I came upon in a man's backyard. There were four or five of them. They had obviously just had a bath. One was shivering and backed up to the wall like I was going to kill her. The other, a typical boy, ran right over and threw himself down at my feet with this belly up for scritches. The photo is of him. He moved really quickly, though, and it was hard to get a good one.

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