Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not Exactly the Vacation I Had Planned

My friend Lisa and her son Bryce asked Joshua and I to go to Florida with them. Lisa had a conference to work at and she said that if I would go and watch Bryce while she worked, we'd have a free trip. It was all set up that we would leave Saturday after Josh and Bryce's football jamboree and then drive to Destin.

We arrived in Destin a little before midnight. Once we got to our room and unloaded, we all headed to bed. The condo was really nice with two bedrooms, two baths a full kitchen and living area. Best of all, it was situated directly on the beach.

At 2:00 a.m. I awoke thinking I might be sick or have a virus. By 2:30, I had a wet rag wiping cold sweats from my face and thinking, "WHAT is wrong with me?" Shortly after, I woke Lisa up. It got worse quickly with incredible stomach pains radiating to my back. She ended up calling 911 and the paramedics an ambulance arrived very quickly. I was hooked up to an IV (which I don't remember) and hauled off to the hospital. I don't remember a lot of that either. I was receiving fluids and the EMT told me she thought it was an ectopic pregnancy. I remember thinking, "GREAT!" along with a few other thoughts. When I finally came "to" myself a little to ask where I was, I was told that I was at Sacred Heart Hospital. They took urine samples, blood samples and a CT scan and told me that I was dehydrated, severely potassium deficient and had a UTI. Lisa, Josh and Bryce came in around 4:00 and I sent them back to the room and told them to go get some sleep. I do remember that much. The nurse gave me some pain meds (which I begged her not to give me as I knew I would be OUT the rest of the day) to which I remember saying, "Wow, my body feels really heavy" and then I was out. For the next two hours I received potassium and a really good nap.

Imagine my surprise when I realized I only had Joshua's cell phone (which they had left me) and no way to call Lisa to pick me up as her number was in my other cell phone. I called Kevin but he didn't have her number either. My cell phone at the room was set on vibrate and no one was answering it. Finally, Kevin managed to get Joshua to answer my phone and the message was conveyed that I was ready for "pick up." Poor Josh had never gone back to sleep as he was so worried. Finally at 6:00, he asked Lisa if it was time to go get his mom. Bless his heart.

We drove through McDonalds and I came back and immediately took a nap. I was very nauseous. At 11:00, we went to the store to get my prescription filled and some food for the boys for the day. I was still just so incredibly "out of it."

The rest of the day I spent alternately trying to stay awake and making sure the boys didn't drown in either the pool or the ocean.

To say the least, this trip did not start out the way I had hoped or planned.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! You poor thing! I hope you are feeling better and no more ambulance rides are in your future, ever!