Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good News All Around

Got a few good news updates from friends lately that should be shared as a reminder that God is so good.

1. Jeff and Abbey Land got news from their agency that they could be traveling in just a few weeks to pick up Reed. YAY!!!!!!
2. Danny and Michelle Davidson, who have two daughters and are expecting their third child, just found out that it's a boy, which is what they wanted. HALLELUJAH!!!
3. My mom had her kidney stone lasered into pieces on Friday. While she's still in quite a bit of pain, she is through it and on the better side of it now. She returns Friday to have the stint removed. Yuck!!
4. Joshua is doing well in school for the first week. He made a B on his spelling, an A+ on his math and an A on his vocabularly this week. I continue to pray everyday that he will continue to do well and to have good behavior in school.
5. China referred families with Log-In-Dates through November 21, 2005. This puts us 56 weeks out (around 13 months). Wow -- at a week per month, that's less than five years (haha!). Seriously, though, there is always hope that China will speed up, especially after the Olympics next summer. November was a HUGE month for log-in's. March 2006 is another large month. Estimations are that China will finish December 2005 by December 2007. If I had to guess, right now, I would say that China will complete through June in 2008 and we MIGHT get our referral by the end of 2009. We will continue to pray for God to speed up things there so we can bring Ellie home sooner.

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Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Great news all around! Keep praying for that final ruling!