Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For My Brother - Ricky

Ok, so my sister, Rhonda, calls last night and says that my brother, Ricky, is there and wants to talk to me. I am a bit surprised because I haven't talked to him in close to a year. Yes, I KNOW that's a long time, but, according to him, telephones don't run from Florida to Tennessee. Apparently, it's a genetic thing too, because my brother, Robert, never calls either. I have to find out about them from Rhonda. Nonetheless, though, I told him I would give him my blog address so he could keep up with what's going on with us. He, apparently, is moving down towards Miami for a new job. So.... Rhonda tells me he will get mad because there is nothing about him in it. :-) This must also be genetic. You can read between the lines however you want to on this one. SO.... this post is for Ricky. I am including a picture of him, a picture of Robert and a picture of Rhonda catching some monster fish in the Atlantic Ocean. I don't think I have one on my computer of our brother, Derek, who died in Sept 2005 (I still REALLY miss him). So, Ricky, now you can read the blog, because there is something about YOU on it. Keep checking in; you never know when I might reveal some deep, dark secret about you. :-)

This is Robert, he's the next youngest, other than me.

This is Ricky. He's the OLDEST -- ahem, the senior member of the group. :-)

And, last, but not least, this is Rhonda. I'm still thinking she bought the fish at the fish market and just posed for this, but *SSSHHHH* don't tell her I said so.

Stay tuned for pictures of Kevin's brothers and their families in a post soon!

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