Saturday, August 4, 2007

Joelton Vikings - First Scrimmages

Joshua's team had their first scrimmages today. We went to Donelson and played Donelson and Smyrna. It HAD to have been the hottest day of the summer. Temps were right at 100*. I felt so SORRY for those boys out there in those pads and helmets having to run in that heat. I was mopping sweat constantly, and I wasn't even running. The first game would have been enough. They won that one 6-0. The boys only had a thirty-minute break before they had to be back on the field. They didn't get to do much more than eat some fruit and drink some water or Gatoraid before it was time to go back. The second team we played at 12:30 p.m. They had not played anyone else yet, so they were fresh. The boys still managed to hold them to one touchdown, with a final score of 0-6. Had the boys played them first, there was no doubt they would have won that game as well. They played SO WELL and didn't give up in that second game even when they were flat out exhausted. I was so proud of them. Here are a couple pix of Joshua from the day. He was #52 for today but should be #74 for the season. He and Scott Nidiffer had the same number for this game, but Scott had his name on the back of his jersey so it was easy to distinguish the two.

These are from the second scrimmage --

I am so impressed with how well Joshua does in football. I looked at his "play book" tonight and it was just all GREEK to me. And yet, these boys go out there and practice and listen and learn these plays and then go out on the field and execute them and do so well. Joshua is so strong, too, that it's a huge benefit to him in this sport. I'm just so proud of him!

I think we have a really, really excellent coaching staff this year as well. This could be the year!!! :-)

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