Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Glimpses of a Young Man

It strikes me at the oddest times.

I remember it struck me one night when he was a baby -- in the middle of the night as I rocked him back to sleep.
This time, he was walking across the floor, wearing a towel around his waist with water dripping from his hair -- having just gotten out of the pool.

I see it, taking a while to look at all the sports photos and Christmas cards of him through the years that are permanently posted on the refrigerator. The smile is the same in all of them; only the face, body and hair style changes from year to year.

"It" is the most brief glimpse I get of what Joshua will be like as a man. I can see how handsome he is going to be, what his face will mature to be, how casual and laid back he will be about things -- a lot like his dad -- as well as how fired up he will be about other things -- a lot like his mom and how caring he will be -- like his heavenly Father.

I wonder what his life will be like? I pray only the best for him, of course. I pray for him a good, calm, Christian wife. I pray for him a good job that allows him to take care of his family, LOTS of children (*slightly wicked smile*), good friends, happiness with whatever his lot in life is, and peace. I hope he gets to travel and see things all over the world. I hope he gets the chance to go to college and experience the excitement of living on his own -- and is able to do it successfully. I hope he makes good choices. I hope he finds a good church family and that he learns to serve God instead of wanting to be served. I hope he goes on a mission trip. I hope he laughs, a lot. I hope he plays sports because he loves them so much. I hope whatever he dreams to be, he is able to achieve it. I hope he is just so "stinking" (my favorite word as of late) cute and smart and happy that the best woman in the world loves him like no one, other than his mother of course (*smile*), will ever love him. I hope she thinks he is the best thing in her life for all her life. I hope his heart never gets broken, but I know, at some point, it will.
It's rare and it comes at the most odd moments, but occasionally, God grants me those little glimpses. What a blessing!

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