Thursday, August 16, 2007

Telling "Lemilemily" about Jesus' Love

What a blessing today to get to share the love of Jesus with my sweet little five-year-old friend, Emily. Emily's dog recently was put to sleep, and she told me he was in dog heaven. I told her that I was certain Jesus needed a good dog like Bear up in heaven to walk around with him.

I asked her if she knew who Jesus was and she replied, "Yes, he's the guy in the sky." :-) We spent a long time talking about how Jesus was the son of God; how God created her and me and everything on the earth (except buildings, she pointed out, because man made those); how we all do bad things and they are called "sins". She told me she never did things like hit her brother or be hateful to anyone. :-) Since I had seen her whack her brother on the head just a little while before, I suspected this was a bit of an untruth. :-)

We discussed how perfect God was and how we couldn't go live in heaven with him if we were sinners -- and that we all were. She told me about a movie she had seen one time where they killed Jesus and she wanted to know why. We talked about why Jesus had to die and how he died.

We talked about what the Bible was, and I invited her to come to AWANA in a few weeks. I told her that we run and play and read the Bible and memorize the things God tells us to do to be happy in life. She said she would need a "little" Bible, because she is little. I told her I would get her one.

I love my little "Lemily" so much. I want to make sure I give her every opportunity to come to AWANA and learn about Jesus and how wonderful He is and how much He loves her. God blessed me so much to allow me to be the persons who shared that information with her. I hope I can continue to share that with her in the years to come and that she will choose Jesus as her Savior in the future.

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