Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's "That" Time of Year Again

I think because of the dry weather and really bad air quality my lovely sinus/allergy/asthma-like condition has returned with a vengeance. Tuesday, I got up feeling quite badly. I had gone to bed early on Monday (very unlike me). After packing Joshua's lunch, backpack and snacks and sending he and Kevin on their way, I had every intention of going out to work. It was 7:30 and I thought I'd just lie down for a few minutes before showering and leaving. Imagine my surprise when I awakened FOUR HOURS later. I had the craziest dreams during that time and remember dreaming that I was awake and couldn't sleep. Today, I thought I felt better, but I've had this funky headache all day and have been dizzy and sick to my stomach. YUCK. I can't find any of my pseudoephedrine, which is the only medicine I can take and not feel crazier than ever. So, tomorrow, I'll head out to the store and pick up my annual box. I'll take it for a week or two and hopefully dry up this GUNK that's going on. It needs to rain.

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