Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol

So the highlight of my day is probably going to be seeing who gets voted off tonight on American Idol. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a reality show junkie? I had to cut back. I told this to someone at the ballpark and they cracked up laughing. I was serious. I was watching Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, The Bachelor (at one time) and American Idol. The reason I had to cut back was I couldn't record them all since they were on at the same time. So, this season, I'm just watching AI so I have to get my entire reality show fix out of one show -- it's a lot of pressure for those folks over at Fox, I know. Fortunately, I think this year's contestants have all shown a lot of talent and I can't imagine the next few weeks.

I will say that I'm terribly surprised that Kristy Lee Cook (Kevin says she's a true Southerner because she has two first names, but in reality she is from Oregon) is still there. She must have a huge fan base because as far as I'm concerned, she just can't sing too well. She's cute though and has a good complexion. Of course, this isn't a beauty pageant.

I'm also a little surprised that Ramiele Malubay is still around -- she just can't seem to pick the right song. She's cute, too though, so maybe that's it. And, as Paula says, "She's got great pipes." She CAN sing, but just hasn't seem to find herself yet.

Now, one of my favorites was Amanda Overmyer. She was different. Man, I wanted to get to that hair and make it all one color or one color with some highlights -- whew, didn't she look like a skunk? I think she had a beautiful face but her hair was always distracting me. I think the thing that got her was that she got a bit overconfident. Her sound was pretty much always the same. But I liked her -- a lot! And I'm not a rock fan, overall. I hate that she didn't make the tour -- especially over Kristy Lee.

Another of my favs who will definitely not win is Brooke White. She seems so wholesome and real -- the kind of person you'd be friends with. And I love her folksy, piano/guitar style. She seems so talented. The night she did, "Let It Be" I was so moved -- it was beautiful. But then, the next week she flits out looking a bit like a flower in this yellow flouncy *ugly* dress and sang, "Here Comes the Sun" -- huh?

My two male favs are Buckhead, Georgia's Michael Johns (he already has a great sounding stage name, doesn't he?) and Blue Springs, Missouri's David Cook. I think two of the performances I will remember from this year are when Johns performed We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions -- it rocked! -- and when Cook performed Michael Jackson's former hit Billie Jean to his own remix. Incredible!!

Unfortunatey, I just can't "click" with Carly Smithson. I think it's the tattoo running down her arm. I get so engrossed trying to figure it all out that I lose track. I will say, however, that I loved her rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart a former Bonnie Tyler song. I gave her far more kudos on that one than the judges did.

I liked Chickeze too; he had personality and his mom was fun to watch when the judges were commenting. :-)

I'm just "ok" with Jason Castro (whom the tweens seem to love), Syesha Mercado, and David Archuleta. I think David Archuleta will have a great future in music if he chooses, but he just doesn't do anything spectacular for me, personally.

So, my guess for tonight as to is in the bottom three: Kristy Lee (she always is), Syesha and Ramiele. I think Kristy Lee will be safe (again, but why??) and one of the other two will leave. We'll see how close I get in a few hours.


Heather Field said...

OK, so it took American Idol as a topic to get me to FIANLLY comment on your blog (sorry, I'm just not the commenting type!) I agree with you for the most part, but I could not stand to hear "Skunk-girl" sing. My hubby and I would say to eachother as soon as she walked on stage "fast foward" - we TiVo it and watch it later as we are never home at that hour! David Cook is our favorite. He is amazingly talented, very humble and HOT!!! Did I say that??? Ok, speaking of "TWEENS" now I feel like one!

Terri said...

I love Brooke and David Cook too! I do like Carly..the tatoo doesn't bother me as much as those weird faces she makes while singing. I do think she could wear a shirt with sleeves now and then though. :) This year I'm really trying to vote for those who I would actually buy an album of theirs. LOL I've watched AI every season except for the first..and I've yet to buy a CD of any of or runner's up. Jason does have a Daughtery CD that I do like.

Terri said...

Well...I should add that I have some downloaded Kelly Clarkson songs on my Zune... LOL

Margaret & Tom said...

Ok, at 38.7 I admit, I watch the bachelor, amazing race, ai, survivor, project runway (if you have not seen this one, you got to watch it) and on and on...I guess things may change when Milana Grace comes home, eh? I may have to finally grow up :) but I don't want to give up my bachelor show...

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I HATED AMANDA!!!!! SHE STUNK!!! My personal favorites at this point are David Cook (I loved his rendition of Little Sparrow), David Archuleta, and Carly. I LOVE Carly! She has such a big vioce, and it's amazing. Plus, we Irishwomen have to stick together. But, let it be known that I hate Michael Johns, I agree with Heather in thinking that David Cook is hot, and David Archuleta has so much talent that is blows my mind. Just saying. I still love you though ;p


Anonymous said...

I meant voice. You know that.