Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Bargains from OUAC

I have to quit working in Clarksville. Every time I go there, my car just veers itself right on into the Once Upon a Child parking lot and I am just pulled inside to the bargains that are calling my name.

Monday was no exception. I am always so proud of my bargains when I go there. Again, no exception on this trip. Here are photos of some of my bargains. Buying little girl clothes is a new experience after buying little boy things all these years. But, in all honesty, I actually miss buying little boy things.

This first one still had the original price tag of $15.00 on it. I got it for $4.50. I also bought a hair bow to match (see, it's hanging on the hanger). Ironically, I must really like this look because I bought one in the next size up in a different color the last time I was there. I didn't remember, but Kevin did!

For those of you who have ever purchased things at Gymboree, you will understand why I prefer to get my Gymboree from OUAC. This little one piece playsuit would have been $22.99 at Gymboree. I got it for $8.50. The hairbow above matches it -- double use! :-) I thought of my friend, Jeff Land, when I got this -- he loves frogs! The two frogs on this outfit are too cute! I'll have Ellie wear this when she meets Reed.

This is also a Gymboree one-piece outfit. For some reason, it was only $6.50. It has some cute smocking type work across the top.

Is this little outfit too cute or what? I'm calling it the 101 Dalmatians outfit, or maybe the Cruella DeVille look. Either way -- too cute!!! Best part of it all, it was 50% off, so it was $2.25.

Another 50% off item, this is a Baby Gap burgundy velour dress. I'm thinking it will be really cute with a little shirt underneath. Final price: $3.75.

This was my favorite purchase. It's a cotton dress with pink "Ellie-phants" (on roller skates?) smocked around the collar. Add a pink hair bow to match and she is set. This was my most expensive purchase at $8.50. It would have definitely retailed for more than that, I think.

And, while I'm not a huge Carter's fan, I loved this little one-piece outfit that also had "Ellie-phants" on it and says, "Living Life in Peace". I was particularly fond of the 50% off price tag which made it $1.75.

Loved this little dress and cardigan sweater, especially at 50% off, final cost $2.75.

And the final purchase of the day was for Kevin. Kevin and Joshua are huge UK fans (University of Kentucky). Josh had a UK shirt when he was tiny. I found this three piece set that still had tags on it (apparently someone else was NOT such a UK fan). $7.50 for a cutey-patootey cheerleader outfit. So cute!!!

So, I was very pleased with my purchases. All the items look new -- babies so quickly grow out of things that they rarely ruin them. I am always very impressed with the quality of clothes at OUAC. I'm more impressed with getting really nice clothes so inexpensively.


Dennis & Kathy Irwin said...

I'm gonna have to hunt down this OUAC place! But, where is the UT stuff?? Can't deprive her of Big Orange!!!

Jackie said...

Wow...what wonderful bargains!!! I have never heard of this store...I wonder if they have a location in South FL??!! Ellie is going to be one sharp-dressed little girl.

Very cute :)

Anonymous said...

What is the estimated age Ellie will be when she comes home?

Maria said...
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Maria said...

Anonymous, feel free to email me at mblatham@charter.net and I'll be happy to chat with you about what age we expect her to be when she comes home. :)

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! I love OUAC, I can get in trouble there too!