Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kitty and Little Kitty

Joshua has two "cats". One is the stuffed variety that he has had since he was a little guy. We've actually had three "Kitties" because Bear (the dog) ate the eyeballs out of two of the early ones. Thank goodness he doesn't have the fondness for stuffed animal eyeballs that he used to and this one has lasted quite some time. Kitty is a Ty Beanie, one of the larger ones, and has been retired for some time, so finding them was beginning to be a problem. Kitty goes on all our trips with us and even went to Centri-Kid camp last year and slept under the bed. *smile* I can assure you Kitty will travel to Kyrgyzstan with us.

Joshua's other cat is "Little Kitty", the meanest, rip-snortin' cat this side of the Mississippi. He hates every cat and pretty much everyone -- except Joshua. Why this is is a HUGE mystery to us. He has always liked Joshua -- even when the other cats were afraid of him, Little Kitty wasn't. To give you an idea, the 140 pound dog is afraid of Little Kitty. Little Kitty's favorite thing to do it go up to Bear and rub his head on him. Bear sits very, very still with his eyes very wide and doesn't move until the cat leaves. Little Kitty sleeps with "His Boy" and gets sorely upset when "His Boy" spends the night away from home. He will go into his room and meow loudly several times before just getting on up in the bed to sleep without him. Right now, as I type, Josh is in my bed as his bedding wasn't quite dry yet and he needed to get to sleep. Little Kitty is asleep at his feet.

Every night before I go to sleep, I go into Josh's room and kiss him, fix his covers and give Little Kitty some love. The other night, here is the scene I found -- Little Kitty snuggling with Kitty.

So, do you think he's going to rip Kitty's eyeballs out -- or is he in love?

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