Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rainout and Rug Doctors

Today's baseball game was rained out (yay! -- don't tell anyone I said that!). My parents called and asked us to go to dinner with them at O'Charleys so we did. We've all been so busy we've not seen each other in a long time. It was so good to see them. However, I'm still really tired and don't know why. Maybe it's just that my body is still recuperating from pneumonia. I still cough some and my voice still isn't quite right.

Josh and I went to the Dollar General tonight to rent a Rug Doctor. We don't have carpet in our house (we have Pergo wood floors), but we do have two couches that were embarrassing to look at and sit on. Poor Josh, he has really gotten stains all over our oldest couch from eating snacks and just being a boy. I have photos of him using the Rug Doctor (he begged to!) that I'll post later, but I just don't have time to download them right now. One and a "half" couches are done. I had to sit on the other half of one of the couches. They will finish up tomorrow after church. I know the completed one looks a thousand times better. The other is still too wet to tell, but it has to be an improvement!

Each trip to Wally World (aka Walmart) finds me buying a few more small items to slip into our travel cache. Tonight I picked up a power adapter, a box of and a plastic pouch of antibacterial wipes, two packs of toilet paper type wet wipes and a pack of inexpensive wash clothes that we can just throw away if we need to. In recent weeks I've picked up individual packets of Kleenex, travel size Lysol, and travel pouches to hold our passports, tickets and other important papers . We have looked at luggage as we don't have any large suitcases, only smaller ones that are fine for work trips but not to leave the country for two weeks. Tonight we looked at those space saver bags. They look like something I think we are going to need.

Kevin found a really inexpensive Wenger video camera case last night at TJ Maxx. We are trying to figure how to carry a video camera, regular camera, laptop, changes of clothes for two or three days (in case our luggage is lost), needed snacks, video games, books, etc. etc. and still have them allow us on the plane calling all that "carry-on". Haha. I'm personally having a bit of a breakdown thinking about returning by myself ONLY because I'm trying to figure how to put a baby in a sling, carry a backpack with laptop, camera, video camera, diapers, formula, bottles, wipes, changes of clothes, bibs, toys, necessary papers/documents/money, etc. AND pull a large piece of luggage without flat out falling out from exhaustion during the 24 hours it will take to get home. Boy, I hope she doesn't weigh a lot. I've been thinking I need to break out the treadmill and build up some stamina.

So we continue, in little ways, to prepare for her entrance into our lives -- even though we know it will be at least August before she actually comes home. The time will fly -- just like it has so far.

Welcome Spain, British Columbia and Mexico blog readers! Nice to have you visit my corner of the world!

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Lori said...

Maria, I meant to tell you that I loved the pictures of the baby clothes! We put our 'nursery' together (for dossier pictures) last night and I pulle dout htings I had been saving for the last 9 years of was great to see them and can't wait until they're used! Ellie will be one heckuva fashion plate!!