Thursday, April 3, 2008

Steroids - American Idol Update

I went back to the doctor today. I'm going broke in co-pays. My ear was stopped up; I have laryngitis and I'm still coughing pretty seriously. So, the doctor says it's time to break out the steroids. He says my body's immune system has revved up into high gear and is fighting everything, which is what it's supposed to do; however, I've got a lot of things inflammed now. The prednisone should take down the swelling and allow me to heal more quickly. I took dose one this afternoon and my ears have been pop-pop-popping all afternoon. I feel like Snap, Crackle and Pop are having a reunion in my ear drums. I'm hoping this means tomorrow when I wake up, they will be clear and I can hear. I also hope I'll be able to talk again. Did you realize you cannot order at the drive-through with laryngitis? I tried to get a drink at the Sonic. It took a LONG time for them to understand me. I finally got my tea though -- yay!

I'm certain I am on the "uphill swing" now as opposed to the downhill slide. Hugs to my friend Terri who is also battling the funk at her house.

I had several people comment on my AMERICAN IDOL post yesterday (it's about time Heather came out of the woodwork!!). I was about 66% right with my predictions. Brooke White was a shocker for me. I know she's not going to win, but I was surprised, at this point she was already in the bottom three.

I was not surprised to see Ramiele go home. She just never found her niche. She also was a bit immature, it seemed. Interestingly enough, she was born in Saudia Arabia where her parents worked. She is Filipino-American. She is a nursing student in Florida and sites Sushi Bar Waitress as one of her occupations. For those interested, her official website is here.

I liked Dolly's comment about Simon when she said something like, "Someone has to tell them the truth." AMEN. Randy tries to be politically correct. Paula tries to be motherly and nice. Simon, for all his faults, is not afraid to bring on the tough love and tell them when they really stink. He was right on target, as far as I was concerned about Carly's wardrobe. Good grief, someone tell the girl that those tight pants with boots went out in the 90s! Granted, I'm in NO position to be the fashion police, but I'm not young, cute and strutting it around on stage for millions of viewers. Don't they have a wardrobe department??

Speaking of Dolly, I'm sure she's had more nipped and tucked and fluffed and stuff in her life than one woman ought to, but darn, doesn't she look good for her age? I don't know what her age is. Why yes, good ole Wikipedia states that as of January 19, 2008, she was 62. WOW!! Her outfit was a bit over the top for me, but I'm betting my mom would have liked it what that "slingy" thing in the back.

So, I'm reality show free until next week. I really wish they had not had Big Brother and American Idol overlapping so often. Poor me, right? I should be doing something more constructive with my time anyway -- like getting ready for Ellie!

Along those lines, today I saw closet online that I liked so I "clipped" the photo to save to see if we can rebuild the closet we have to be more function for Ellie's stuff. Here's the closet I saw. It just looks very organized. I'd like that in a closet. It did not, however, seem to have enough room to hang clothes. My girl seems to have a nice collection going. I have stopped, however.

Best news of all today is that Fed-Ex attempted to deliver my camera back to me. They need an "in person" signature and I was gone to the doc. Tomorrow, for sure I'll be home -- on the couch -- and will be able to sign for it and try it out to see if they fixed it back up. I'm very excited as our first baseball game is April 6 and I want to be ready. Plus, there is a tailless squirrel in my yard that had better watch out when I get my good camera back.


Margaret & Tom said...

Maria, I am so glad you are feeling a little better, the rice krispie guys crack me up! I am a reality show junkie too, so we have lots in common besides the Kyrgyzstan adoptions! Take care and here's to a referral soon for you, perhaps May (I think that is what I had predicted on your poll)? :)

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read that Dolly said "If it can be nipped, tucked, pulled poked, prodded or stuffed, I've had it." I love myself some Dolly.