Monday, April 28, 2008

Corruption in Adoption

Many stories are flooding the media about corruption in the world of adoption in Vietnam. I have made so many good friends who are adopting in Vietnam, many who are thisclose to getting their match and referral. The U.S. government has said that families without referrals by September 1 will have their dossiers sent back to their agencies and they will not be allowed to adopt from Vietnam as the program is closing to the U.S.

Sadly, I read on a friend's blog that the Vietnamese government is less than happy with the media coverage of the incidents of baby selling that are allegedly going on there. There are stories that hospitals are selling the babies of mothers who cannot afford to pay the hospital bills. Other stories tell of grandmothers selling grandchildren. Amazingly horrible stories.

I have tried to think how I would feel had I found out as an adult that my family did not want to give me up but instead had lost me due to some story like the one above. How do you manage to reconcile that loss? Even as a happy adult who has a great life with wonderful parents, would you not mourn the loss of the life that should have been yours? Are you able to reconcile that this is the life that God meant for you to have? I don't know. I think it would be devastating to anyone. I don't think adoptive parents ever go into adoption wanting this situation to happen. I surely hope not. There are so many layers in the adoptive process that ultimately, there is no true way to be certain that it doesn't happen. We, as adoptive parents, do a lot in faith. We, personally, have tried to look for the red flags with agencies that indicate their might be corruption. And while we are very satisfied that this is not happening with our agency, can one ever be 100% certain? It's very scary.

I hope that the families and individuals who are affected by this situation in Vietnam are ultimately able to find their children and that the orphans in Vietnam are not left behind and forgotten.

My prayers go out to all involved in this situation. It could have been us.

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