Saturday, April 12, 2008

Church Directory Photos

We had our church directory photos made last night. It was the first time we've had family photos made in three years. Three Christmases ago we decided to give family photos as presents and we had them made and then nothing since then. Now, the irony of this is that my mom is a professional photographer and, of course, I take photos like crazy and yet we've not had any made. Granted, we've had photos made at holidays at home and things, but nothing formal.

So, we were just led blindly right on into purchasing a bunch of pictures. *sigh* I know better, but they had some specials for Mother's Day and I got both moms and me (also a mom!!) three framed and matted 5x7s -- The Trio, he called it. There is one of all three of us, one of just Josh and one of Kevin and I. I also got a few 5x7s of just Josh and just Kevin and I so that we could share with the extended family. It probably will BE Christmas before I remember to get them mailed off. We are told we should get them in about three weeks, so I'll scan and post them here when we get them.

He tried to talk us into buying Christmas cards with our photos and I told him, "Oh no! We will have another member in our family by then and we'll want to include her." That's when it hit me that this will be our last family photo without Ellie. So, now, we have these great family photos and will have to have them all RE-DONE!!! before Christmas to include our newest little angel. Oh well... I'm not going to complain.

I wonder what she is going to look like? My friend who got her referral yesterday said her baby's photo is one of her wrapped so tightly that all you can see is her face and her eyes were closed. Man! I hope Ellie has her eyes open in her photo. I wonder what her given name will be? We are so close now. There is so much to do. As my mom says, "Take one day at a time and let God handle the rest." Man, that's what I'm going to have to do. The phone could ring any day. I'm not READY!!! Of course, my mom also pointed out that I'm never ready and that I'll be on the way to the airport and remember that I left Joshua at home. HAHA! She's got my number, doesn't she. What she doesn't realize is that Joshua won't be left behind. I might leave my passport, but that boy is going to be super glued in his seat ready to go!

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