Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Make your own catchy title

It's late; I'm single parenting for a few days. I just don't have the creativity to come up with a catchy title tonight, so this is "create your own blog header" day. Leave a comment with your suggestion.

I SO happy to see a bloggy visitor from Down Under. I had been wanting to see a visitor from Australia and viola' when I checked today, there you were!!

So, Kevin's off at a Solid Waste conference. Don't you KNOW that is a really exciting place to be? How can you talk about that for three days? Oh well.

I'm now really respecting those of you who are single parents. I don't know how I would ever have clean clothes. I can't seem to make any progress with anything while Kevin is away from home.

Today Josh visited the middle school he will go to next year. We had to go buy a combination lock for his locker--TODAY. He needs to practice, he said. He's got to know how to get to his stuff. *smile* He now has mastered the art of the combination lock and we had timed events in the car -- four seconds flat was his record. How did he get to be in 5th grade???

AND NOW.... American Idol. I admit it -- I cried. I liked Brooke White and all, but when she started crying, I did. Josh thought I had lost my mind. I tried to explain to him about compassion, about feeling sad with other's are sad and about how much work she had put into this and how is was her DREAM and that this was the end of her time on American Idol and how hard that must be for her. I still think he thinks I'm a bit left of center right now for crying over American Idol. All that being said, Oh My, her first song was YUK! And even thought I'm not a huge David Archiletta fan (he's ok, but he needs some more stage personality), I though he did a fantastic job. I also was surprised at the judge's reactions to DreadBoy, Jason Castro. I thought he sounded a whole lot like Neil Diamond. I guess, however, the point was to take those songs and make them applicable for today's market. None to worry, Jason "ain't gonna'" win anyway. David Cook is my choice for the #1 slot, and apparently Paula Abdul's as well. Of course, since she doesn't know what world she's in, it's hard to count her opinion for much.

On the adoption front -- No News -- nothing, nada, zip, zilch, nary a word. The families that are due to leave Friday are still planning to go. Families due to pick up their babies in a few days (for Trip 2) are still scheduled to go. My hope is that our agency and coordinator has been busy with those details and the restructuring issues and that she hasn't had time to get our referral together. Nothing I can do, so I'm just waiting and going on with life. My new mantra is "maybe next week."


Lisa B and Family said...

I don't know how pleasant it sounds, but definately "catchy":
Three Days of Solid Waste
: )
Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

On another note, I can so relate to the "how did he get that old?" front. My kids are both in middle school as of this year. It flies soooo fast. I wonder often how different it will be this time around. I know I'll be more mindful of how quickly they pass through phases (cute or irritating).
I am checking daily for your referral post! I know it's got to be coming!
Here's to the sisterhood of PAP waiting!

Anonymous said...

ok, I like "This news, That news & No news" Maybe alittle long but still catchy!! =) You know it's funny, I always have a hard time labeling my posts!!
I am still praying that you hear "The News" soon and I know that you will!!

Mayme said...

Okay, I admit it, I cried too when Brooke starting crying. She seems so sincere. She will never make in Hollywood! Too nice.
I remember when both of my boys did the middle school tour! I was so sad! Now my oldest one will start high school:(

Lori said...

Bye-bye, Brooke. She was just too darned peppy for me (and people call me Mary Sunshine, so if she's too peppy for me....) Dread-head has to go, but too many little teeny bopper girls dig him.

Right on, choice from day one was and is David Cook. He rocks. Literally.

Thank God for mindless entertainment when the adoption front seems so...stale right now. I think I will breathe much easier when the dossiers start getting accepted again!

Margaret & Tom said...

I looked at the poll results again, looks like "Cinco de Mayo" won the poll for when you will get your referral, so given that this IS Monday, it will just be amazing if indeed it comes next week :)

Jes said...

Hopefully next week!! Waiting is hard...

imtina said...

It's good when others are going over there... other people's progress means progress for you too. When Ludmilla is going to the orphanage all the time, she's also taking pictures of other babies and learning of babies who are about to come off the registry. I'll just bet your referral is coming SOON!!!