Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baseball Season Officially Starts

Tonight was our first exhibition game for baseball. The Joelton Padres, unfortunately, lost 3-4 to the Dodgers. It was fun, and, of course, doesn't "count" and it was nice to be back in the ball park taking photos and watching the excitement of kids playing baseball.

Here are a few photos of Josh from tonight's game. I haven't found my "happy" place yet in photographing baseball this season. It usually takes me a game or two to get to the place where the creativity starts to flow and I come home with some photos that make me happy and excited.

I remember the beginning discussions of our adoption taking place in a ball park when Joshua was playing 4-5-6 year old ball. I remember telling some friends, "We've decided to do it." Who knew, that our son would be playing 9-10 year old ball before Ellie came home? I'm not sure I would have signed up for the ride if I had known how long the line was going to be. *big smile* I'm sure it will be a decision we will never regret.

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