Friday, April 18, 2008

How Ellie is Helping Her Country

Somewhere there is a little girl. She may or may not be born yet. God knows who she is and what her purpose in life is. And, this sweet little baby is already fulfilling part of her purpose in life.

I've spent a lot of time talking to whoever will listen about the work of John over in Kyrgyzstan. I'm trying to find those who are willing to go in with me to raise the $320 to send to buy slippers/flip-flops for folks living in a home for the elderly and disabled. In addition, I've been trying to determine what else I might could gather to take to the orphanage when we travel.

I got a call on Wednesday from a friend whose daughter is involved in 4-H. This friend had been talking to her daughter about the orphanages in Kyrgyzstan. Her daughter and her friends have decided to start a project, pending teacher and school approval, to gather items for the orphanages so that we can take them when we go. These girls are 12. They have taken the initiative to help children in a country where they know no one. Is this not what Christianity is all about?

Ellie, my sweet baby, is already having her impact on the world, on helping her homeland -- her country.

I hope these girls are so incredibly successful in their efforts that we have to pay extra to ship it all there with our luggage. I hope they get the emotional blessing from giving to these children. I want to take plenty of photos of the places and people they helped so that they can understand the implications of their help. I want them to see what a difference they are making in the world. I want them to be a generation of helpers and givers instead of a generation of takers and wanters. I hope that while we are there that Joshua's life is changed as well -- that he comes to understand the reality of poverty and the blessing of living in our country and the need to give, to support and love others, just like Jesus would do and how he has been called at an early age for a reason and that this might just be part of that reason -- so he can help.

So, we continue to wait. The uncertainty of it all right now is hard. It will be as it is supposed to be and nothing I can do will change anything so I continue to pray for Ellie and all the other children there who want and need families.

Welcome to blog visitors from Korea!

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Betsy said...

I'm on pins and needles, hoping that the next time I open your blog the title of the post will be REFERRAL! Wishing you all the best and many blessings as you "hurry up and wait".

I pray for this adoption process for you family, which God has already scripted and ordained. Remember Psalms 139:13-16. I always find comfort knowing that God knew our baby, made him or her a beautiful and wonderful being and has ordained every day for that precious child, including referral day, gotcha day and every day in between.