Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fishing Tournament with Dee Dee

Today was the 19th annual "Get a Kid Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs" tournament in our community. This was the first year Josh and DeeDee participated, but I'm told they plan to make it a tradition.

My understanding is that Josh did a bit more playing than fishing and that he spent a lot of time with his line stuck in the trees. But Dee Dee reports they had a good time so that was what mattered.

Sadly, neither of them caught a fish at all. Next year, they said, they are taking the boat out. This year, they decided to fish from the banks.

Each child who participates gets a goody bag with chips, fruits, toys, cookies, etc. Apparently, each child's name is drawn for a prize as well. Dee Dee said most kids were getting toy fishing sets, footballs and such so both he and Josh were surprised when they came out with Joshua's prize and he had won a real fishing pole! Pretty good prize for a $2.00 registration fee.

All in all, I think the day was a huge success for both of them. I'm glad they had fun and that Joshua got to spend time with Dee Dee.

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