Friday, April 11, 2008

NO!!! Michael Johns Voted Off AI

WHAT????? One of my FAVS got voted off American Idol last night. America, what are you thinking??? So, we voted off Michael Johns over Kristy Lee Cook???? What are we thinking? Can you tell I'm stunned? I think there has to be "some other story" there. I'm sure he will have a successful career, but I'm just amazed. I suppose it truly is a popularity contest as opposed to talent.

On a more serious note, however, I chose not to watch Idol Gives Back this year due to the fact that I just didn't feel emotionally prepared to watch it this year given where we are in the adoption process. I'm just too emotional. And then, on last night's show, they show the "highlights" and show the little boy begging for his blind father and show where he and his sisters sleep on some nasty foam mat on a concrete floor and my heart just broke. They showed the children in the orphanages -- again, too much. I can't imagine the impact going to the orphanage in Tokmok is going to have on me. I must remember to take lots of extra pairs of contacts because every time I cry the protein ruins my contacts. 14 days, hmmm... 28 pair??? Sounds right.
My prayer is that I never become so jaded that the tragedies of poverty, hunger, homelessness and orphans stops breaking my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Ah ha ha ha ha!!!!! I have won!!! Although, I will have to agree, Michal Johns did way better than Kristy Lee last night... So sorry. We will have our revenge next week.