Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where He Guides, He Provides

Now that we are so close to a referral I'm feeling the full spectrum of emotions. I can't imagine what I'll feel when we actually get a photo of a "real" baby instead of carrying around the dream of a baby.

Our pastor had an excellent message today at church. Of course, I managed to turn it into a message just for me -- when I'm certain it was not intended that way by him. The message was on opportunity and how it can lead to success or failure depending on how we respond to the opportunity. The story he used was the one of Joshua, Caleb and the other ten spies who went to Canaan and reported back to the Israelites about what they saw in Canaan. Ten of the spies reported that it was too dangerous and that this Israelites were doomed if they tried to take the land. They reported that the Israelites should go back to Egypt and even suggested that Caleb and Joshua be killed for even indicating that they try to take the land. Caleb and Joshua, however, knew that God had called them to this land and had promised them possession. They knew that no matter what happened, God was in control and would not leave them and that there were no people or circumstances He could not overcome. Where God guides, He provides.

So, imagine me, sitting in my pew with this wide range of emotions and doubts and fears about how close we are in this process and how we are going to have to travel to a strange land -- a place where God called us and from where God promised us our daughter. How can I not know that He has guided us there and will provide both financially, emotionally and for our safety? We do not have to fear the "Canaanites" or the "giants" that are in front of us, because He has called us and will protect us in this journey.

Ironically, the ten who doubted God died. Their families continued to wander in the wilderness and also died before seeing the promised land. Moses, because of his disobedience also did not see the promised land. But Joshua and Caleb? They believed in God; they had faith in His abilities. The received the blessing of the possession of Canaan. They received the promise of God. I believe and I cannot wait to receive the promise.

How wonderfully timely this message was for me.

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