Friday, April 11, 2008

A Blog Visitor from Kyrgyzstan!

Since I've added "FeedJit" to my blog to see where my "visitors" come from, I've made a request that someone visiting in Kyrgyzstan visit my blog while they are there and someone has!!! Yay! Today I looked on my map to see where my friends/readers were from today and here's what I got:

United States [85%]
Brazil [12%]
Kyrgyzstan [1%]
Canada [1%]
United Kingdom [<1%]
Sweden [<1%]
Singapore [<1%]

Is that awesome? I can't imagine WHY anyone in Singapore would be reading my blog, but I've had readers/viewers from all over the world. This is very exciting to me. Thank you to whichever family is currently in Kyrgyzstan visiting their baby or picking them up for visiting my site!!!

1 comment:

Johnda said...

I have tried to put my mark on your blog, we are in Bishkek picking up Josie...heading to Almaty on Tuesday night :)
Thinking of you and referral...