Sunday, November 16, 2008

Apparently Possums Like Tortilla Chips

If I weren't faced with cleaning it up tomorrow, this story would be funny.

I was about to go to bed when I noticed the cat leaned up against the front door window staring intently outside. I went over, flipped on the light and almost had a heart attack. There was a possum.

I had set a bag of trash out before I left this morning, planning on having Kevin take it to the dump today. Usually, I put it in the back of the pick up truck on my way by, but it was raining and I was trying to get Ellie's carseat in the car and get to Josh's football game. When we got home, it was late and dark and I never thought about it. MISTAKE.

The possum has ripped the bag open, removed the bag of tortilla chips -- well, crumbs were what was really left -- and proceeded to have a picnic on the front porch. After watching him nose through the rest of the bag, I cracked the door open and told him to skeedaddle, which he did (for now). I suspect he'll be back later on tonight to see if he missed anything. YUK.

So, tomorrow morning, before church, I suppose I'll be cleaning up "post-possum".

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Lori said...

Holy've had a lot going on! I LOVE the pictures...they are SO professional! You are all very obviously loved based on all the goodies from your shower, and the possum? Oh...the are right, if you didn't have to clean it up, it would be funny because I DON'T have to clean it up and find it hilarious!!! :)