Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ellie has been particularly fussy the last couple of days and we had a doctor's appointment on Thursday to talk about her reflux, so I just moved it on up until yesterday afternoon.

Turns out, he thinks she just has a virus, loosy poopy, stuffy nose, general funk -- the same thing everyone else I know has, including Josh and Kevin who are battling sinus troubles.

She was weighed (for the first time since our last doctor's appointment) and now weighs .... 14 pounds -- ta da!!! She has gained 1 pound, 14 ounces in just three weeks!!! The doctor was very pleased with her weight gain. She is almost on the chart for her weight now. *smile* In other words, she is still a little peanut.

She is now sitting on her own. Granted, I wouldn't leave her because you just never know when she'll topple, but she can sit for long periods of time on her own. This has just come in the last few days.

He gave her meds to start taking for reflux and we will start those today. Fingers crossed that this will improve things for her.

He was not concerned at all that she was waking up every four hours (because he doesn't have to get up with her, eh?? *smile*), but said that after she's home about two months and has bonded well, we'll start working on teaching her better sleeping skills. Yay.

Here are some new photos of her and Josh.


Hilary Marquis said...

Yay for the little peanut! Soon she can start on cheesecake, huh? If they are giving her zantac you might want to try getting one of those medicine dosing pacifiers. They tried that stuff with Tyler and it tasted awful and smelled worse. The poor little guy would cry even harder when we gave him the medicine. But, if it was in the pacifier it went to the back of his throat avoiding his tongue and that solved the problem :) Turned out he had severe colic and the zantac did nothing...I LOVE the pictures of the kids!

Julie W said...

Love love love the first one of Josh. What a good looking kid!(I'd say cute but at his age he might not like cute-so I'll say attractive.)

Also love the (plain) one of Ellie without the extras (they distract me-just my taste I guess). She is so beautiful.

Rachel said...

Those pictures are fantastic!! Josh is so handsome, and getting more so everyday. Ellie...she just rips your heart out she's so cute! Here's hoping everyone in your house gets better. Scarlett just got over

Written By Mary said...

Totally adorable pictures. Those are really good. You take great pictures Maria. She is still a little peanut though. Those pictures of Josh are very handsome. Who do you think he looks more like? Smile... I guess it will depend on who I ask? Your little Miss Ellie has really come a long way. That is just so great! I for sure what my sister to get a little one like her. She is just precious.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Josh is quite dashing! And do I need to say how adorable the princess is?

Beth said...

Maria, you have 2 beautiful children.. I love the pic of E chewing on the pearls.. so cute.

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

she is so sweet! what a cute family you have... how blessed!....