Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Day Back to Work

I did better this time.

When Josh was born, nine days later my dear friend and boss, Roger, died and I had to return back to work -- with Josh in tow to help run the office. So much for the six weeks maternity leave I was expecting.

This time, I managed to make it for 11 days post arrival back home before I went back to work. Oh well. In all honesty, today was a blessing. While I love my little new one, getting out of the house gave me some much needed time alone, perspective and a realization that my real life is back.

Farther back, you might remember my frequently posting "Happy Photos" from my days at work when I'd see really fun things. I haven't posted "Happy Photos" in quite a while -- mainly because my mind has been so incredibly wrapped around all things adoption that "real" life didn't seem to exist. Today, while I was out working, once again I noticed all the beauty around me with all the fall colors, saw and took the time to play with two very cute and fun puppies, watched butterflies and saw flowers galore. The weather was a perfect 70*, the sun was shining and the day was fantastic. It was the kind of day I might have missed -- wishing time away for Ellie to be home. Now, she's here and I had the luxury to simply enjoy the day, working. I really do like my job.

I saw this butterfly at a home I inspected today. What a pretty purple flower.

Kevin spent the day home with Ellie. He worked on reports through the day and continues doing so this evening. He is taking some time off this month and we are looking forward to spending time with Josh and Ellie.

Thanks to all of you who continue to ask how I'm doing. My "problem" is better, but definitely not fully healed. Things still taste "off" and I have no appetite. I still have some gastrointestinal issues, but it seems to be improving. Sadly, all of this has not seemed to translate into weight loss. HOW is that so?

Finally, here are some "Happy" photos from today.

This little puppy was getting an invisible fence installed at his home. He was so fluffy and fun!! He seemed to be posing for me.

This little ruffian almost made me want another puppy, but then I came to my senses and remembered I have a baby -- the human kind -- to take care of. This little butterball tugged on my pants, fetched leaves for me, flipped over for belly rubs and waddled on his teeny, tiny legs all over the yard. I could have stayed and played with him all day!

This evening, Ellie and I had fun attending Amanda's Uppercase Living party. I'm planning to host a party at the end of January/first of February. I LOVE these things.


Betsy said...

I'm glad you had a nice day at work and are starting to feel better. It's been a blessing to see God work on your heart and to know that He does not leave a good work unfinished. My heart overflows as I see what He has done for you & your new family of 4.

Ivy Lee said...

As much as I miss Dylan when I am working, I agree that being away really does give you perspective and a healthy sense of yourself. I am glad you are doing better, even if not perfect.

Have you done the soy formula transition. How did it go?

Anonymous said...

Cute puppies! Almost makes me want one!d