Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby Shower Photos

As promised, here are the photos from last night's WONDERFUL baby shower. We've been so incredibly busy lately and my body has been SO tired, that much as I tried to get ready for church this morning, my body continued to rebel and said, "Go to sleep!!". Finally, I gave in and hit the bed again at 8:00 and didn't wake up until noon. Now, if I could have five or six days in a row like THAT, man I'd be in business.

But, I'm off topic, the photos .... We are so thankful to each family who played a part in this wonderful event celebrating Ellie's arrival, but particularly to Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Sandy who offered their home and went above and beyond to make things special for us. Sadly, they had just spent the night before in the emergency room with their grandson who had been in a car accident and had to be life-flighted there. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured, but prayers are needed for him and his family at this time.

Bear with the photos of all the presents -- they are for my mom who wanted to know what gifts Ellie received. *smile* Plus, they are a nice reminder for Ellie one day of her presents.we left.

Ellie's shower cake

Dalton and Ellie
Ms. Terri and Ellie
Morgan and Ellie

Our gracious hosts, Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Sandy

The "kids" table. I was so glad that kids were there; it makes it all the more interesting.

Visiting around the table.

The other table of guests.

Mr. J.D. and Ellie

Ellie's presents

Mrs. Sandra has a knack with babies. Ellie fell right asleep in her arms and slept from the end of gift time until we left.

Sweet little angel ornament, and teddy bear lovey from the Myers.

Dress, turtleneck onesie and a COOL V-tech Move and Crawl ball (it moves along on it's own and plays music and songs!!) from the Garretts.

The CUTEST lovey doll (Ellie likes playing with her hair!) and a really neat outfit for winter. The shirt has a hood with ears!! From the Laws.
V-tech Smart Key toy that makes noise (which will THRILL Ellie), a really cool Polka-Dot Dress with tights (the dress can also double as a swing top with the pink leggings included) AND, to Josh's joy, a gift card for him! From the Williams.

And, as if hosting a party was not enough, the above is from our SS teachers: an "Ellie-phant" pink and grey onesie (that I'd already been eyeing at the Cracker Barrel), a Baby Einstein CD of lullabies, a crystal "Ellie-phant" statue, a handmade "Ellie-phant" (adorable!!), a pink and white soft cordurouy dress, a pack of washclothes, three hooded towels (I almost wept with joy when I got hom and saw them because we have one), a set of three burp clothes (a definite need with the Princess' eating issues), an "Ellie-phant" pink and brown polka-dot blanket, a Fisher Price Press and Go Animal Parade toy (of course, with an "Ellie-phant") and a play toy attached to the gift bag. WHEW!! Too much but very, very much appreciated!!

And last, but certainly not least, another "overboard" present from the Martins (my sweet prayer partner, Maggie, supported me so much during this process -- more than she will ever know!!). Two pair of Nike booties, a crocheted pair of shoes, an "I'm a Little Princess" onesie, some "Fairy Princess" blue jeans and a blue jean jacket (ADORABLE!!), two pair of socks, a basketball rattle (to shake at Big Brother Josh's basketball games), a burgundy jumper with a pink turtleneck (sported to church today) and TWO three piece outfit sets (a onesie, pants and a sleeper in each set). WOW!!

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Jes said...

Looks like a blast...such beautiful gifts for such a beautiful babe!