Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girl has found her voice!!

Ellie LOVES to scream. She has found her voice and will just shriek for no reason, all the while laughing and smiling. She also has discovered she can jump in her exersaucer and sounds like she is tearing that thing down. We are CERTAIN she is saying, "Hi", but maybe we are just proud parents. She's also very ticklish and cackles when you tickle her!!

I got the CD from my mom. Here are a couple more "teaser" photos as I'm off to mom's to help her a little while. More later of her and Josh!


Hilary Marquis said...

See, I told you she was a ballerina!!

Anonymous said...

Maria, those pictures are awesome. I wish your mom lived closer to me!! =) It's hard to find a good photographer (that can work with babies/toddlers)
I can't wait to see some more!!

Ann said...

Beautiful..... the kids, and the photos!!! Love the tutu... I am jealous of the studio though as I am a wanna be photographer myself!!!