Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Update - Super Bowl Champs!!

Well, it has happened. I've become too busy to be a regular blogger. It's driving me nuts as I LOVE to blog. So, I'm going to combine events from Friday - Sunday in one post. Forgive me until I can improve!!

Friday I stayed home with Ellie and worked on paperwork. She had fun playing in her exersaucer, playing with her music toy, taking a short nap and going to pick up Josh from school.

After school, I took Ellie (and Josh, of course) over to meet her great-grandmother. Grandmother was very excited to finally get to meet Ellie as she's been waiting a long time for her too. Here are some cute photos of them together. Ellie loved Grandmother's beads. I love the photo of them "checking each other out". They look as if they are sizing each other up.

After we left Grandmother's on the way home, Josh made the comment that he was going home and going to bed. I asked why and he said, "Because the quicker I get to bed, the quicker tomorrow comes." He was so excited about playing in the Super Bowl on Saturday.

He's become the great brother that I knew he would. He lets Ellie sit on him, wants to carry her around everywhere, wants to dress her and tries really hard to soothe her if she gets upset. It's very sweet.

Saturday came quickly and we all had lots to do. Because I had a wedding to photograph, I was only able to see the departure of the boys from the park. Our team's sponsor, Baker Home Improvement, paid for the boys to take a limo to the Super Bowl. It was a cool yellow Hummer, and the boys had a great time. All the families decorated their cars and caravaned from Joelton over to South Cheatham to the game.

After the team left, I headed home to get ready for the wedding. During the wedding, Kevin and I were texting back and forth to get me updates on the game. Imagine my joy when right in the middle of the wedding I got the final text that the Joelton Vikings won the Super Bowl with a score of 14-13. ONE POINT!!! How incredible. I can't wait to watch the video Kevin made.

After the wedding and Super Bowl, Josh had a basketball game. Unfortunately, his team lost that game.

After all the sports, we came home to clean up and then Josh and I went to see High School Musical 3. It was, ok, I guess, but not great.

Sunday rolled around and we've had church, a visit from our friend Iris, a visit from our neighbors Tom and Kathy, a visit to see "Aunt Jennifer" and her family. It was good to see Ellie and Jennifer back together again.
Here are a couple of photos from before church this morning. The hat was funny!! I said she looks like a little old lady going to church in her big hat!

We've heard from her blood test results and all tests came back normal, so she is "all clear". On our visit in December, we will begin her immunizations. I think she has gained weight, although we haven't weighed her since her doctor's visit. She is doing much better in large groups and in going to other people without a fuss -- as long as we are there and she can continue to see us and make sure we aren't leaving her. This bodes well, I think, in the attachment department as she is constantly reassuring herself that one of us is around. She has begun, ever so slightly, to lay her head down on our shoulder as she gets tired. It doesn't stay there long and she doesn't go to sleep that way, but it's a small movement to more security for her. Today in church, she was trying to sleep and got a little fussy so I took her out and she fell asleep very quickly while I rocked her. She's making progress in that area as well. We are still not pushing solid foods quite so much as she just doesn't seem to be interested yet. We try almost every day, and quit when she begins to arch her back.

We are ever so slightly moving into our "new" normal. It's beginning to feel more "right" and easier. She is sleeping better at night, but still wants to play from about 5-6:30 a.m. It would be really nice if she could sleep on until 5:30 - 6:00, which is when we get up. I'm sure it will come. She is truly a happy baby most of the time and seems to like her new life. We certainly like having her here with us.


Anonymous said...

Go Vikings! Ellie looked so cute this morning! I gave Kevin your votive holder and burp cloth!

LaLa said...

So happy for an all the pics of them together!! Sweet pics with her great grandmother too. Congrats on the game!

Lori said...


I LOVE Ellie's hat. I'll just start calling her "Little Church Lady"

Written By Mary said...

Maria, So glad to hear you are feeling better. That really did you in for sure.

Love the pictures of Miss Ellie....That hat is really cute. Thanks for the words of encouragement. It's just been a roller coaster ride lately. Love to Ellie. She is just such a cutie pie.

Hugs back to you.