Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feeling Better

Thanks for all the kind words. Antibiotics are a great thing and I'm feeling better today.

And, more than that, thanks for the tips for Ellie's sleeping problems. We truly think that it is reflux and have made some adjustments for her. We have propped her bed up, added cereal to her formula to thicken it up, are giving her Mylicon before each bottle, burping more frequently during feedings and sitting her up for 10-15 minutes after each bottle. We also got the "bad parents of the year" award today when we let her nap on her stomach. *smile* I spoke with her pediatrician's office today who confirmed that it sounded like reflux and provided some tips to help out and said they would be glad to see us if needed. We decided to try all our "tips" and then decide.

I'm happy to report the screaming and back arching appear to be significantly better. Tonight, she wasn't really interested in sleeping -- mainly because she wanted to play -- but the going to sleep process was much better with no screaming or crying.

I did talk to the doctor's office about the amount of time she is sleeping, which we both agree is just not enough. She feels like she should at least be sleeping a six-hour stretch, instead of a four. We are hopeful that the measures we are trying will help her feel comfortable enough to sleep longer.

Kevin's mom is here for a few days and I'm very thankful. Her "job" is to hold, love and play with Ellie while Kevin and I get some things in order around the house. She's doing a fantastic job so far!

Tomorrow after school we are going to Mee Mee's to do some photos of Ellie and Josh's 11-year-old photos.


Ann said...

Maria, glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to see the photos

Jackie S said...

Ok, just caught up on your latest post. Happy to hear that things are improving. Yayyy!

Jennifer G. said...


Just want to make sure you heard about the Mylicon recall. Check your products

Lori said...

Maria, I'm still amazed that as ill and busy as you have been, you are able to post and, my favorite, *smile* :)