Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary - to Me!!

Kevin and I have celebrated our 14th Anniversary -- driving eight hours to Florida with four children in a mini-van for Josh to play in a football tournament.

Our special breakfast was at the drive-thru of McDonalds, followed by a lovely lunch at KFC and an elegant dinner of take-out Burger King (because we forgot the diaper bag in the room and Ellie had a blow-out as soon as we ordered). Yay.

However, we are thankful that we have not become a statistic representative of a failed marriage. We are committed to one another and our family and love one another. That's more than enough for us and doesn't require special meals, fancy presents or anything. We have been blessed with a happy (most of the time *smile*) home and with each other -- although some days Kevin probably doesn't think he's got such a blessing and some days, as is normal I guess, I'm ready to throw Kevin out with the trash. *big smiles* But, down deep, we know that we will do everything humanly possible to make our marriage work -- while relying on God and our faith to make to truly work.

Love you, Kevin!!

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