Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ellie Teaches Sunday School Class

When Hannah wanted a baby so badly and went to the synagogue to pray for a child, God heard her prayers and granted her Samuel. She then consecrated Samuel's life to God -- returning him to the synagogue and to God's service.
This morning as I returned to church with Ellie, the place where I spent so many years praying for this very child, I knew exactly how Hannah must have felt. To return to worship the God who fulfilled His promise and gave the gift of a child is one of the most moving experiences one can ever have. It's amazing how time-tested and applicable to real life the people and stories in the Bible are still today.

We had a great surprise awaiting us as we climbed the steps to our Sunday School class. There were Welcome Home Ellie posters all over the walls that were made by the kids in our church. It was so beautiful and so thoughtful to think that as I was on the other side of the world, kids were preparing to welcome Ellie home!!

During our Sunday School class, our teacher, Mr. Ronnie, eventually got tired of trying to teach "around" everyone wanting to look at and talk about Ellie, so he held her during class so everyone would look at the front of class. She loved rubbing his face -- she is such a texture lover and pattern lover, rubbing everything she sees just taking it in.

She was very good during the service only getting a bit fussy towards the end when it was time to eat.

Here we are before church.

My two babies

After church, we had promised Josh we take him to buy his bike he'd been saving for. So, it was off to Wal-m*rt -- Ellie's first trip there as well. Someone said she's a true American now. Poor thing.

Josh's new Tony Hawk bike.


Hilary Marquis said...

How many times did I read Hannah's prayer while we going through infertility with Tyler? It is such a joy to see your prayers answered! How very touching that all the kids were anxiously waiting for Ellie. I see that Ellie wasn't even afraid to be held by someone new, that is great! Anara oddly enough went right to the pastor that married Tim's brother/sister-in-law just 5 days after we brought her home :) You look like you're feeling better too.

Nice wheels, Josh!

Anonymous said...

Such blessing! It was great to have you back at church this morning!