Thursday, November 6, 2008


As you can tell from the title, we are all very excited at the Latham house that Joshua's 9-10 Joelton Vikings are going to the SUPER BOWL this year. For the past three years, our team has made it to the playoffs, only to be shut out each year. This year, the boys and their coaches have worked SO HARD and it has paid off. Next Saturday, the Joelton Vikings will be facing White House in the Super Bowl at South Cheatham (Harpeth).

The win this week over Station Camp was a sweet victory of 27-0. Here are a couple of pix, including Ellie's first football game cheering for her big brother, Josh. Granted, it was hot and she was less than thrilled with being hot. It was loud and she was less than thrilled with the noise. It was her nap time and, well, yes, she is less than thrilled with napping. All in all, she wasn't really happy with her first football game. *smile* I suppose that will change over time.

On a sad note, one of our boys on the team, Austin P., cracked his collarbone during the game and was in some incredible pain. We saw him this week and he's doing ok, but will not be able to play in the Super Bowl. I feel horrible for him as I know how hard that would be for any kid. We hope he mends quickly!!

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