Thursday, November 6, 2008

Voting and the Election

On Tuesday there was no school in our area due to the elections, so all the Lathams were able to go vote, including one of America's newest citizens, Ellie.
After dressing E. in her "Election Day" clothes (a "born in 2008" red white and blue shirt and some red pants with white and blue flowers and a red white and blue headband), we were off to the voting precinct. We were upset that our voting location didn't have any "I Voted" stickers, but we saw a friend at the post office later who provided us with a sticker for Ellie to wear throughout the day indicating she had "voted". We have always included Joshua in our trips to vote; his job is to push the final "Cast Ballot" button to submit our vote. We continue to remind him how important it is that when he turn 18, he register to vote and cast his vote in each election. Regardless of whether the election turns out the way we want (and it didn't, just to go on record), we are Americans and are blessed with the right to live in a country where we are allowed to voice our opinions on who leads our country and we should never take that for granted. I look forward to telling Ellie that 11 days after she became a citizen, she went with us to "vote" for her first presidential election
I am saddened by the results of the election, only to the extent that I feel that the newly elected president will not likely seek Godly counsel in his direction of the country and because this is what this country was founded on, I feel it imperative to not lose that. However, I am glad to be living in a time where race is no longer as big an issue as in the past. It remains to be seen what the future holds for America, but one thing is for certain, God is still in control and I've "read the book" and know the outcome.

Here are some photos we took at the election place with a local representative's sign.

After voting, we went and had Ellie's blood drawn for her pediatrician. She was very good during the process (we had a great person doing the stick/draw) and didn't cry at all until the woman was done, removed the needle and handed her a sticker -- then she burst into tears. Silly girl! I didn't get any photos of that, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

If only she could've voted in Pennsylvania or Florida!

Terri said...

Ha!..have you read my blog? Sounds like we are of 'one mind'.
Glad you are feeling better!!