Friday, November 21, 2008

More Birthday Photos and "Me Do It Myself"

Here are a couple of photos from Josh's birthday. He came home early from school today -- still not feeling quite up to par. He had birthday cake and didn't even finish a whole piece, so I knew he didn't feel well. We did pretty much NOTHING all day (except that I worked on paperwork). I wonder what he wished for . . .

On another front, Ellie has decided she WILL eat, but as I told Kevin she has a "Me Do It Myself" attitude. She MUST have her own spoon (in addition to the one you will actually feed her with) and you have to work around that spoon to put the food in. She will then work her spoon around in her mouth (and all over her face) "doing it herself". It's a huge mess, but she seems to enjoy it a lot and she's eating a lot better this way. We have also found that she prefers foods with a thicker consistency. Today she had mac and cheese and chicken noodle dinner with some peaches and apple juice. We started her Zan*tac today so we'll see if that helps with her reflux. I certainly hope so. The jury is out about sleep tonight. Hopefully a fully tummy, going to bed a bit later and her reflux medicine might mean she'll sleep longer than four hour stretches. Fingers are crossed.

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