Saturday, November 15, 2008

What an Awesome Baby Shower/Dinner

Our Sunday school class planned us a baby shower for when we returned home with Ellie. Tonight was "THE" night. We were really excited -- not for the shower so much as to be able to go to our teachers' house and to get to spend time with our classmates. We never have enough time in Sunday school to "socialize". And, in typical Southern fashion, I knew there was going to be lots of good food.

We were not disappointed as Ms. Sandy had gone out of her way, decorated unbelievably and she and the class had a spread of food that was incredible.

We have been so blessed by this class in so many ways and tonight was another blessing. There was food at our house when we came home with Ellie, and now a PARTY for her. The presents were phenomenal; these folks went WAY above and beyond in the gift department. I know Ellie will love them all as much as we do. The hard part is deciding which cute outfit gets worn first!!! Tomorrow after church we'll have a lot of fun playing with all her new toys as well.

I have tons of great photos of Ellie visiting around (what a ham she was tonight -- smiling for everyone!) along with photos of the food, party and presents. I will post them tomorrow as I am too tired tonight to upload them.

Tomorrow should be a huge photo day.

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