Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday KEVIN!!!

I'm a day behind. I'm sorry. Life just sneaks up on you some days.

Saturday was my Kevin's birthday. Wonderful hubby that he is, he didn't even complain that I haven't had time to go out to get him a birthday card or cake. I sent him to Wal-mart to GET HIS OWN CAKE -- can you BELIEVE that???? He LOVE LOVE LOVES ice-cream cakes and he got a fantastic one there that we've all been enjoying.

I hope he understands that it wasn't lack of love, but lack of energy and time that made me be so very lax on his birthday this year. I'm normally a phenomenal birthday girl -- breakfast in bed, cards, gifts, etc. Not this year. I'm still working on "finding my groove" (Stella, could you send me an email telling me how you got yours back???) after little one's arrival. Slowly, but surely, it's getting there, but with the holidays and such, I suspect it will be 2009 before I find myself again (if I ever do).

BUT... the wishes are still there. Kevin, even though I complain (a lot, I'm sorry), I know that I could never function without you. You are so helpful and kind and are always helping out. You try to help everyone in any way you can and are generous with your time and talents to many. You are a GREAT father and I appreciate how you don't mind the middle of the night feedings, changing poopy diapers, doing laundry and dishes and taking Ellie with you so I can get quiet time to get things done. You are a good man, a good husband, a good Christian, a good father. I am blessed to have you as a husband. Happy Birthday!!!

As an update, I forgot a funny about his birthday. Only a few people will REALLY appreciate this (Elizabeth, Marleen, Allison). When we went to Kyrg, we were supposed to bring all these gifts for these various people. I went out and bought the requisite number, including a nice desk set for the judge. When it came packing time and we were within 1/2 pound of being over on all our luggage, something had to go. Because the desk set was in a fairly large box, I just took it out and figured I could get something there. Turns out, I didn't even NEED a gift for him. Kevin had told me he'd like to have set like that one, so ... for his birthday, he got the Judge's present. :-0 Granted, he knew who it was originally for, and he didn't care, but it's just pretty funny (and pretty lazy on my part too, I suppose). But, he got a present and one he liked, and that's all that really matters.

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