Monday, December 1, 2008

$2000 Raised for the Kids to have Christmas in Krygyzstan!!

Forget anything I could write about how wonderful it is that this amount has been raised. Go here:

and here:

to read for yourself what everyone who chose to give to this cause has managed to do and how God has blessed your giving. What a wonderful blessing for all these children and adults who will be blessed because of your giving. It's not too late to give to other causes this season, so continue to search your heart for the cause that is near to your heart. Can you imagine what a wonderful memory this will create for the children that will be the recipient of this wonderful day of food, fun and presents? I would love to be there.

I heard today that the Salvation Army in Nashville normally has 8,000 kids on their Angel Tree list. This year, it is up to 14,000 kids in the Middle Tennessee area who need help to have Christmas. Consider how you can help.

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