Friday, December 26, 2008

God Stories

I LOVE to watch God in action. I love to read and hear stories of how He works because it is always in ways that I could not have imagined -- in ways that make you go, "Yep, that's God at work." I am particularly excited anytime I read about the creative ways God helps families bring orphans home.

Check out Greg and Lisa's blog to read a beautiful story of how their family allowed God to use them to help bring another child home. On behalf of another family who was helped by so many people, I just want to thank their family for allowing God to lead their hearts to help.

What a blessing. Do you have a story of God's provision for your adoption? Leave your story in the comments or email me and give me more opportunities to praise Him for helping so many children find homes.

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Lindsey Carney said...

Hey, we are in Russia right now finalizing our adoption. Today was gotcha day and our little man is snoozing right now. It's been great. I love reading your blog posts.

(We met at the football game, I am Micah Francen's horseback riding instructor)