Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guess What I Can Do, Dad??

Little miss Ellie has learned a new "trick". I knew it was coming as I've been working with her on it for a while -- not really intentionally, just something I'd do with her. While she was playing in her crib and I'd be cleaning her room or hanging up clothes, I'd stand her up and let her hold the edge of the crib. Inevitably, she'd fall back into the crib and then she'd try really hard to climb back up, but she couldn't. Then, she started getting up on her knees and using the bumper pads to pull up with.

Tonight, she was in her crib and Kevin came downstairs to get a pacifier and when he got back upstairs, I heard him say, "Well, what have you done??" I asked what and he said she was standing up in her crib.

So, I suppose tomorrow we'll need to lower the mattress.

Today, she and I went shopping. It was really our first true shopping outing since we've been home. She was adorable (and yes, I'm prejudiced and will admit it) in a cute little Christmas dress and I can't tell you how many people stopped us to "talk" to her and tell her how cute she was. She just takes it all in and either gives them a huge smile, which really makes them keep going on, or just stares at them like she's confused.

She's becoming very, very attached to mama -- a bit to the extreme. She likes both Josh and Kevin well enough, but at bedtime, she really wants mama. If someone else holds her, she reaches for me. When we were in the store, she would ride in the cart for a bit and then would reach her hands out for me to carry her. Sweetest thing: when I would get her out she would put her arms around my neck and lay her head on my shoulder and coo. Yes, my heart melts. However, I want her to be just as attached to her daddy as well. The doctor indicated that it was very typical for a baby who is around nine months to prefer the mother over the father. So, while I'm please that she is developmentally on target, I want her to love daddy a whole, whole lot too.

The neatest thing now is to watch she and Josh play together. He loves to blow raspberries on her belly and she just cackles. Then he'll tickle her tummy -- more cackling. Tonight at dinner, while we were eating (and she was fussing for her own food), she was just staring at Joshua. If he would talk to her, she would just laugh and smile. It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy to see them getting along -- ah, if it would only last forever!! *smile*

OH, and Happy Belated Birthday to my friend (and traveling friend), Jennifer, who had a "0" birthday on Saturday!!! You all can just guess which "0" it was because I'm not about to tell!!


janiece said...

Julia always prefered me over Ted until she hit about 2. Then forget about momma. Now at 6--its pretty equal. For all the kids when they are sick they want momma. Sports--daddy. Can you tell that we ended up a stereotypical family without even trying??!

Hilary Marquis said...

Anara only wanted Tim when they came home since she'd bonded with him...Didn't take long to become Mama's girl though. She still has a very special bond with her Daddy that warms my heart.