Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I had this great (read the irony here, ok?) idea to take photos today of Josh and Ellie for our very late Christmas card. I picked Josh up from school and had planned to go out and inspect three houses, but it was misting and I decided to just "knock those Christmas cards out". Everything in my life seems like a good idea and a simple process when I think of it. You'd think I'd learn by now.
Ellie had a doctor's appointment scheduled for 2:30 because I thought she had an ear infection. That alone should have been enough to make me realize she was not going to be a smiling, charming princess. By the way, she has a cold, not an ear infection, but she is one pitiful acting little girl (until the doctor came in and she acted like a smiling, happy princess so I looked like a crazy mama).

Josh, on the other hand, was a very cooperative, helpful big brother and good example for her, but, true to form, she was much more interested in Joshua, crawling on the table, pulling on the tree, petting the dog, throwing things off the table, standing up, and, toward the end, alternately crying and yawning.

I did manage to get the cards printed today, but when Kevin picked them up and brought them home, there were no envelopes. ARGH. How I even managed to get three photos that were usable for a card I'm not sure, but here are some of the, um, more interesting ones.

She sees Josh over to the side (she NEVER looked at the camera) and lights up like the tree.

Checking out a very large ornament.
Trying to eat Joshua's face.

OOOooohhh... I need to pet the dog.

WHAT is this look?

Quickly tiring of all the "work" involved in this process. Meltdown in process.

EXHAUSTED -- being a Princess is hard work.
There are TONS more that aren't even worth putting on the blog they are so silly. Oh well, we had fun!!


Kelli said...

Love all of the pictures! Ellie is such a doll.

Lori said...

The yawn picture is so cute..."Yawn, I tire of all done, will ya?" Too cute!

Rachel said...

OMGOSH, PLEASE put the yawn picture on your card (or somewhere)'s the best!