Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Mayberry

Each year our church has a fun play, somewhat different each year, entitled Christmas in Mayberry. This year, we were asked to play Joseph, Mary, a shepherd and Baby Jesus. We had no speaking lines -- good thing as I can't remember my name -- but we spent A LOT of time behind the scenes praying that Baby Jesus didn't blow raspberries at the crowd like she did in practice or have one of her infamous "hissy fits". In a perfect world, she would have been asleep. I don't live in a perfect world. She was sleepy, but not enough to lie still (she doesn't understand still very well) and finally POP went her head and she sat up -- pacifier in mouth -- and just stared at the kids and the congregation.

In the midst of it all, I could tell she was choking on something, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I was trying to communicate this to Kevin and in my mind I'm going, "I can't just beat Baby Jesus on the back in front of a huge crowd of people. What do I do? Why can't she breathe? What is she choking on?" Finally, she let out a huge cough and went on about herself. We think she still has some really bad congestion from her cold and that it was just running down her throat. Scared me though.

Of course, when you are Baby Jesus, you pretty much can't do anything wrong, I suppose. Thank goodness my mom was able to get some photos of us. It was a fun night. Josh was so handsome as a shepherd and even though he says he didn't have a good time, I know that he did!! Please don't ask me to explain why the kids in our photo were in Halloween costumes. I'm still not clear on that either.
Thanks to my mom for taking pictures for us or we would have had none!!


Lori said...

Beat Baby Jesus on the back? Hilarious.

I particularly like the ever-Christmasy Storm Trooper in the front. NOTHING tears me up like the retelling of the Christmas story and the emotions the Storm Troopers felt as they first met Baby Jesus. Takes a box of tissues every time.

J & H said...

They couldn't have asked a cuter angel to be baby Jesus!!! :)

The Stahnke's said...

She's the cutest baby Jesus I have ever seen!

Dee'Anna said...


Keyleigh came to see the show With Nina Anita Scott, and she thought Ellie was the real baby Jesus!! We had to have a talk about how this was a play and that was not the REAL baby Jesus!! How cute she looks... Dee'Anna