Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two Years

Tomorrow (or in about two hours here), we will have been logged in for our China adoption for two years. Currently referrals are through February 23, 2006. Will we continue to wait? That's a question neither of us feel ready to answer yet. Right now, if we had to make that decision, our answer would be no -- or at least mine would, and I suspect Kevin's would be too. Financially, emotionally, space in our house, time in our schedules, sleep -- all factors that contribute to that decision. But ... knowing how much lives change in a short time and how long we've waited and how certain we felt that our log in date was a "sign" that this was a sure thing, well, we are wise enough to wait and listen for God's leading. However, if it does take as long as the forecast is, we most definitely will not -- we just feel we are too old. The forecast for when we will get our referral? May 2013 -- yes, you read that right, another FOUR and a half years. Not seeing that happen, folks. *smile*

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