Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bulgarian Orphanage Special on TV

I was wondering if anyone had seen the special on TV last night called Love Knows No Borders regarding adoption reform in Bulgaria?

It was VERY, VERY ineresting and if you haven't seen it, try to catch it. There were interviews with orphans who were adopted to the US as well as interviews with APs and officials in Bulgaria.
The stories of orphans in orphanages and the difficulty in bringing them home always makes me so sad.

However, the success stories shown in this story is so refreshing and the progress hopefully being made in Bulgaria to get special needs children home more quickly and to allow adoption again in this country warms my heart.

Were I looking for another adoption, I would most certainly consider this country. There is such a need and the children are so beautiful.


Betsy said...

What channel was it on?

J-momma said...

yes, also would like to know what station produced it so i can look it up. sounds interesting.